We translate ideas into experiences.

We are designers, researchers and deep thinkers who work through a process of collaborative inquiry to capture, define and communicate the value within your business. Partnering with you, we create compelling brands and powerful communication that drive sustainable business growth.

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Our Design Process:
A Toolkit for Brand Journey

With thirty years of experience working with many business leaders, we present to you a set of tools with three distinct phases of responsibility, representing three important processes to support each step of your brand journey.

Before Brand.

Do this to: build a 360 degree picture of your business and your audience and create the best foundation for your brand.

Make it your own way.

On Brand.

Do this to: create the brand you need to speak the right languages, to reach the right people and reflect the value in what you do.

Deliver on your promise.

With Brand.

Do this to: grow the visibility and relevance of your business and start some compelling conversations - talk to the world.

Build your brand and fly.

Consultation Cases

Leadership Thinking

"2019 Global Human Capital Trends" and "GLOBAL TALENT TRENDS 2019" coincidentally point out that the human resource management of the 21st century is standing at the crossroads of the new and the old.

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Youth Public Welfare needs to be Closer to the Society

Shanghai Cedar Highrise Foundation, “Cedar Highrise”, launched by 3 alumni of China Europe International Business School, was formed in 2012 to improve the career development ability of college students.

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Tuntex - Technological to Brand Experience Innovation

When China’s manufacturing industry faces major shifts from "Made in China" to "Product from China", enterprises must not only invest in R&D but also adapt to market competition.

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EAMUS – Connect Strangers through Music

EAMUS focuses on developing smart music products, hoping to make it easy for everyone to share music. Working images was responsible from the initial market positioning.

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Delayed Gratification in branding

The ability to delay gratification is essential to self-regulation, or self-control.

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Designs for Elephants

Recently in Yunnan, a group of elephants traveled hundreds of miles away from home, influencing people from all over the world.

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Generation Z: a mandatory course in branding

With the rise of young consumers, brands are undergoing a brutal reorganization. 

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Brand Health Self-Inspection Form

How do you know when a rebrand is necessary? Here is a simple brand self inspection table. 

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Predicting future consumers

Though the future is full of uncertainty, we predict four future consumer types based on the directions of "time perception" and "Hope".

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The Essence of Business

Times are changing, and are the essence of business following this change? 

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