Office of Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia Government

Environmental design | Micro housing design, a big upgrade

for the office of Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia government

With the development of the global economy, the nature and characteristics of work have changed. Innovative ability has become a new economic growth point, and office space is also showing a new development trend. A more dynamic office space with more human touch has now become a popular trend.


In China, most office are still designed the traditional way, from work table placement, tedious office space, unattractive decorations, all to form an overall space setting that is far from a modern, humanized and friendly working environment.


Those who work in a traditional office setting must feel deeply about the following familiar scene. Who can maintain the passion to be innovative and enthusiastic at work in a repressive, monotonous environment?


Most office workers can relate to this scenario on a daily basis; to be surrounded by 4 dusty wall between partitions under dim lights, in an office atmosphere that is extremely quiet, dull, lack of communication and warmth.

Creative office space that incorporates lively artistic elements to inspire employees' enthusiasm and creativity


In contrast, development of new trends in office space design in recent years is simply exciting. More human-centered ideas are integrated into housing design. The office is no longer using just a single rigid design. After incorporating lively artistic elements, the new creative office types shows brilliant results.


Multinational corporations such as Google and Alibaba actively embrace creative design and support employees to better realize their work potential by enhancing their office environment.


The open, bright, lively and interactive modern office style not only stimulates employee enthusiasm and creativity, but also greatly improves employee happiness index.


Why is this new creative office space so fascinatin

It wins on "humanized design".


It has become the "absolute trend" of the office space in the digital information age with the pleasant sense of space, the affinity of natural materials, the unique visual pattern and the sense of air and light flowing in the overall space.

The design allows the new office space to shine.

Many companies in order to retain more talents and stimulate more enthusiasm from employees, like to make adjustments but hesitate because they worry about the high cost of a creative office space.

You can also create low cost but excellent office space.


Working images was commissioned by the Australian National Bureau of statistics to upgrade their office environment with a limited budget. The office transformation has been adored by many employees and Australians.

Through the ingenious application of infographic (information-based image) design, bright color lines are introduced into the original dull office to add a sense of lightness and rhythm. Figures flow like rivers on the walls and indoor glass. The strong visual sense not only meets the characteristics of the Australian National Bureau of Statistics, but also present the office with creativity and flexibility. At the same time, it has also been awarded the Australian Design Award.


From the perspective of "human-centered" concept, Working images fully considers the real needs of users, the sustainability of business and the applicability of science and technology, and uses the power of design to identify problems and solutions.


Working images is looking forward to working with you to create your own brand, encourage employees to be creative and innovative, and to create a pleasant office space.

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