MeetFresh Menu Display

Dynamic design of MeetFresh menu display

Have you discover a much younger sister and brother Fu! ! !

Taiwanese dessert expert MeetFresh was founded in 2007, inheriting the traditional Taiwanese persistence and production methods, insisting on the use of fresh ingredients and steam-cooked carefully, to maintain the traditional delicious taste. In response to the changes in the market and development of international business, MeetFresh decided to start the brand rejuvenation and internationalization in 2018, so that the two most representative IP images of sister and brother Fu instantly became younger.


Working images created a more innovative, lively sister and brother Fu IP image to make them closer to the customers and increase interacivity in between.


In order to inject more vitality and make the IP more lively, Working images design a variety of expressions and actions for the IP. A more unique and creative menu display was designed that allows the IP to intereact with the users during the ordering process. While watching the animations and getting more product details, customers are no longer bored while waiting for the meal.

Interesting dynamic visual presentation allows customers to pay attention to watching the diversified product information displayed on screen while waiting for the meal and forget about the waiting time.


Among the design trends in 2019, illustration and animation are the two main directions. As a leader in the dessert industry, MeetFresh is willing to open up and boldly accept the planning and design of Working images in trying to use more lively illustrations and animations. Effective product image matching promotes user's closeness to the brand, and strives to enhance brand loyalty and reputation. Through design, customers can taste the trend both visually and tastefully.

Dynamic menu of MeetFresh

First screen display

Second screen display

Third screen display

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